I did a Photoshoot!

I decided it was time to actually hire someone for a professional photo shoot. For a few different reasons:

One, it was just time to do it and I needed some great content for my new website!

Two, because I wanted to know what it was like to actually be in front of the camera while someone else is behind it. 

Somethings I learned:

It's a lot harder than I really expected it to be. Here you are making your body moves in ways that really aren't comfortable, all to make that one shot look great. Luckily I had an amazing photographer, David Minard (link to his website below) who made me feel super comfortable and made it lots of fun. 

Another thing I learned, the best images come from the outfits you feel the most comfortable wearing. I tried out a few dresses that I absolutely love but dont wear very often. Obviously, the photos of outfits that I wear more regularly or feel more comfortable in came out the best. Doesnt mean you cant still look fabulous in something new, because you will!

Photoshoots can be uncomfortable, so why not be the most comfortable you can possibly be. If you have an amazing photographer, they will help you feel and look your best. We work with you and we want to make sure you have an amazing time and are IN LOVE with the images. 


Thank you David for taking these beautiful photos!