Gallery Showings, Awards, and Publications

  • 2019 Contemporary Portrait Photography Show at LH Horton Jr. Gallery Stockton, CA

  • FotoFoto Gallery’s 5th National Phoneography Competition 2019

  • Published in Feroce Magazine September 2019

  • Published in Elegant Magazine September 2019

  • Published in Picton August 2019

  • Published in Art of Portrait Magazine July 2019

  • Published in Horizont Magazine July 2019

  • Published in Sique Magazine March 2019

  • Published in Secret Eden Magazine March 2019

  • Pancakes & Booze Art Show 2018 San Francisco

  • Published in Apéro Fine Art February 2018 Catalogue

  • Healdsburg Center for the Arts 2017 Emerging Artist Exhibition

  • Seattle University's 2016 BFA Photography Exhibition

Nicole Schlaeppi

Inspired by the seasons and the power of dreams, my photographs transport viewers to a world of mysticism and adventure. By using natural backdrops, extensive design and styling details, I create lush, vivid, and emotionally infused images that invoke a phantasmagoria of deep reverie that transport one to other worlds.

I’ve always been drawn to the fantasy realm. For instance, the history of the Renaissance initially inspired me to develop a body of work depicting the otherworldly beauty of European landscapes. From landscape I move into portraiture, creating emotionally laden and dramatic images that have a fantastical and mystical feel to them. Through an attention to detail and a highly stylized aesthetic I marry the person (the model) to the landscape. My subjects (the landscape and the person) become a story one can enter into and behold. The final image is transformed into art through an extensive post-production process where I spend time refining compositional elements and the coloring process. This practice of carefully crafting an image, a story, and a scene ensures the final image is one that conveys mystery, beauty, and the stuff of dreams.

In short, my work gives viewers a highly attractive, serene and peaceful place to enter into that frees them momentarily from this reality.

Professional Work

  • Juried Healdsburg Center for the Arts 2019 Emerging Artist Exhibition

  • Photographer for Nephilium Magazine

  • Contributor to Arcangel Agency

  • Photoshop and Photography Educator