Introduction to me!

I am a Fine Art Portrait Photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been taking photographs since high school but the moment my love for the medium really started was the beginning of spring. The first bloom in my home town of Healdsburg is fantastic, and I was instantly inspired. At the time I didn’t have my own camera, so I grabbed my mom’s little point and shoot and went outside to take photos of all of the flowers. I quickly became obsessed!

Photography opened up an entirely new way of creating art for me. Pretty quickly I got my first DSLR and it never left my side, I photographed everything and anything I possibly could, all to learn. I was learning off of YouTube channels, and eventually got a few mentors that taught me the art of Portrait Photography. 

I fell in love with Portraits. I morphed my excitement for people with my passion for fantasy and started to create images that were inspired by the classic fairy tales. Then I discovered Photoshop and that quickly changed everything. Here was a tool that I could use to make my photographs even better and more artistic. If I wanted to change the color of something, I could do that, if I wanted to add a girl in front of a fiery cave, I could do that. If I wanted to turn myself into a blue Avatar with massive eyes, I was able to do that too. I LOVED PHOTOSHOP!!! The idea of being able to edit my images to be what I wanted them to be was an entire game changer in my photographic lifestyle. 

Below are some of my images for my High School AP Photography portfolio.

I later went on to continue my photography education at Seattle University and graduated with a BFA in Photography. Throughout my time there I explored many types of photography, more specifically Landscapes and I developed a portfolio that was filled with images from all of my travels. But I soon went back to my roots, Fantasy Portraits. I now specialize in creating high quality and enchanting images that transport the viewer to a different world. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented clothing designers and make-up artists where we all come together to create a masterpiece. You can follow my work at my instagram: